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"Audit Management and Representation of a recent CT audit for an electronics manufacturer resulted in a $1,350,000 reduction from the proposed assessment."

"During 2019, 100% of our diagnostic reviews for the Transportation Industry revealed missed savings due to underutilization of available credits and exemptions."

American Examiners, Inc. is an Indianapolis based tax recovery, savings, and compliance consulting firm with over 30 years of experience serving clients nationwide. American Examiners specializes in Sales and Use Tax, Federal and State Excise Tax and Canadian GST & HST Taxes for the manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing, retail, and logistics and transportation industries. Our senior staff is predominately former state tax agents with over 150 years of combined experience.

As staffing in accounting and tax departments have been trimmed back, less time is being devoted to tax saving opportunities and tax compliance. Companies not taking full advantage of available exemptions and tax credits are taking a hit to the bottom line. American Examiners' expertise in the ever-changing tax climate allows us to recover overpaid taxes and maximize client's tax savings opportunities.

Each client is different and American Examiners will tailor each project to our client's needs. Based on the client's requirements and scope of work, fees can be fixed fee or hourly. We generally provide our tax recovery services on a contingency fee basis. If our review reveals that there is not an opportunity for a refund or tax savings, there is no fee obligation to American Examiners. We look forward to building a professional relationship with each client while positively impacting their bottom line through overpaid tax recoveries, presenting tax savings opportunities, improving current systems, and training client staff.

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Recover lost profits with American Examiners, Inc., an Indianapolis, Indiana based company. We provide business services for the following industries: manufacturing, healthcare, warehouse, retail, logistics and transportation. Our service includes tax audit and review for: sales tax, use tax, federal tax and excise tax. Our focus service area is the midwest, but we have clients all over the United States. Page tags: sales tax, use tax, sales tax audit, federal tax, excise tax, tax audit, tax review, expense recovery, accounting audit, business consulting, corporate tax management, tax returns, sales tax rates, compliance consulting, manufacturing, healthcare, warehouse, retail, logistics, transportation, industry tax audit, tax credits, tax recovery, tax savings, Canadian GST & HST taxes

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